Monday, February 13, 2012

Who are the Telemarketers Calling on my 941 tax lien?

If your business has fallen behind on 941 taxes, the IRS may very well file a tax lien against your business.  That lien will become public record.  For several years, several "tax resolution" companies in Colorado have created a business out of representing businesses on their 941 issues.  How do they contact you?  Finding you in the public record, telemarketers will call your business and offer the assistance of their tax professionals.

The two largest 941 tax resolution companies are 2020 Financial of Broomfield, Colorado -- BBB record  and Omni Financial also of Broomfield -- BBB record.  They have spawned many other competitors in the telemarketing of lien's business -- A Mountain Time Phenomenon

Here are some issues which might have you think carefully before hiring these firms to represent you on your 941 issue: 

1. Telemarketer -- Hard Sale?  Is the telemarketer selling you too hard?  Creating urgency where there shouldn't be?  Scare tactics?  This person might have zero involvement on your case -- down the road -- so I would take their sales pitch with a grain of salt?

2. Excessive fees and continuation fees  Companies in Colorado, Omni in particular are notorious for charging excessive up front fees and large continuation fees down the road.  Be sure to read the fine print if you hire these companies.  This link we'll reveal more:  Reopening Fees Galore

3. Customer service chain and employee turnover  Many of these companies are notorious for having high employee turnover.  You really want to get the phone # of the actual licensed tax professional on staff just in case the customer service person is gone the next week.

Want direct access to your customer service person?  Want an honest and affordable solution for your 941 tax issue?  Call me at my desk, Marty Griffith, Senior Tax Consultant, Washington Tax,, 866 525 7324

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